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Les bobos …

February 8th, 2007

Dear Readers,

a few months ago, Renaud, a famous french singer - especially famous in the UK for a great song he made on Miss Thatcher in the 80s - who is kind of a parisian gavroche artist and poet, made a huge come back on the french show business scene with a song that started huge debates in the media and in the streets, a song that was talking of “Les Bobos”

For the one not familiar with this expression, the Bobos are the Bohemian Bourgeois, a new social class born in the 90s and who lives usually in the center of big cities like Paris. For instance, just near where gritoland is located : in the third district of Paris. Knowing me, you may guess what happened next : I went out for a deep study of the bobos, and I came back with this video… So again, please just take a glass of rosé wine, sit comfortabily, relax , be sure the sound in on and then watch : “Les bobos” by King Negrito

I hope you had as much fun looking at the video as I had making it. Is there an end to this story? Well I guess Renaud is a great artist, whose songs are part of the french culture now, and I will never thank him enough for giving me the possibility to make such a video, that would never have existed without his song.

On that, I kiss you all and go bobo-izing again :)
King Negrito

Flash News: King Negrito in the NY Times !

February 4th, 2007

Dear readers,

no long story today, no brand new video - still working on it, but I can tell you it’s gonna be great, thanks a lot for all comments on previous one which was seen more than 1600 tiimes, more than some movies in the Latin Quarter :-) - but I just wanted to tell you all my pride: I have been quoted in the New York Times!


Talking about Paris, the bloggers and what to do when preparing a trip to Paris the journalist, Jennifer Conlin writes “Others might prefer to listen to King Negrito, described as a 23-centimeter-tall leather bear that frequents the trendy parts of Paris.” and she also thought it was good to follow my advices: “Where should we go on Valentine’s Day?” King Negrito, “a lover of good things,” suggests the Cristal Room at the Baccarat museum.

I mean, I already was super happy to be quoted in The Parisien, pink with pleasure to be in “Dealer de luxe” with two full pages and a great picture, very excited to be in “Happen” for the Happenodrome, but the New york Times is kind of historical for me, that’s a corner stone to celebrity! And I just wanted to share that with you, send kisses to Jennifer Conlin and invite her toi have a drink at the Red Kids Market whenever she will be in Paris!

Kisses to all
King Negrito

Obey Grito!

February 1st, 2007

Dear readers,

one of the most important question now that we know who killed Bambi and what Paris Hilton did in her young days: The Obeys, alien beings from a dying planet? Their destination: the Earth? Their purpose: to make it their world?

King Negrito has seen them, for him it began one lost night on a lonely Paris street, looking for a short cut that he never found. It began with a closed deserted diner, and a Grito too long without sleep to continue his journey. It began with the pop up of a face from another galaxy. Now, King Negrito knows that the Obeys are here, that they have taken wall form. Somehow he must convince a disbelieving world that something has already begun, whatever it is.

King Negrito: Obey? Who, What, Why?

Of course you know me, when I faced that strange thing on a pillar of the French Tax ministry I was both puzzled, interested, excited, amused, it looked like kind of political message in one word, or maybe was it the new tax collector message, but there was nothing more to explain what it was. Immediately I contacted through my Gritberry the A12G secret services, and launched an official SWCA - Strange Wall Creature Alerts – which are lower level than the IWA - Intellectual Watch Alerts - but higher than the FPA - Fashion Police Alerts- and soon came back an information saying another Obey has been seen Rue des Rois de Sicile, 3rd district, in fact not that far from Gritoland, so I ran there…

Negrito: damned, that’s an invasion!

There again, I faced the same problem. The creature was clearly visible, but was not saying anything, that was really strange, like if the medium was the message. I looked around to see if there was something special to be watched, but there was nothing unusual in that part of Paris: a sun bed shop, a gay bar and a restaurant… The Obey creatures were clearly doing something but what? Trying to remember what I had discussed with the White men from Jerome Mesnager a few months ago, I put myself in their mind and my best guess was that they were there to be there. From there my brain started to work again, and I suddenly remembered that I already had seen one of them without paying too much attention, so I crossed the Seine and ran to the Intellectual heaven, the 6th district… to see that even Angela Davis had joined the Obeys !

Negrito: This one I know, she’s Angela Davis!

Of course we had a nice chat, and she told me that she was starting to be surprised that someone like me, always looking for the latest trends, and very well acquainted with the bi-dimensional creatures , had taken such a long time to make the connection between the various Obeys that were visible in the City of Lights. She also told me that they were all over the place, and that in my trips now it would be a good idea to look for them, because they could help me if need be. I asked her who their king was, and she laughed, “We do not have a King, we have a Posse” was her cryptic answer before people passed by and she went back to silence… I must admit I was kind of in a state of shock, I mean, such a wall invasion that went unnoticed – not really as we marveled at all of them separately, but the amazing thing is that we did not make the connection – and I needed a good glass of red Wine in an Intellectual bar to recover and regain my brain, so I headed for the “Bar Du Marché” rue de Buci, but I was stopped in my way…

Negrito: The message is now clear to me!

That kind lady stopped me with a flower, and she asked how Angela was, and I realized they all were connected, they know who we are and what we do, and they love us! They are like some guardian Angels flying on the walls, and the Red wine helped me clarify my vision: I typed “Obey Posse” in my Gritberry browser, and suddenly the Truth was revealed : you can find it here : http://www.obeygiant.com/ . The Obeys are the members of Shepard Fairey’s team. This mysterious Shepherd and his posse are delivering a worldwide twisted propaganda message, just to put yourself five centimeters above your previous self, and that small shift is more than enough to wake up your little grey cells. That awareness enlightened my mood so much that I offered myself a second glass of wine, and when walking back to the Sorbonne I even smiled when reading the French Intellectual typical debate pitch…

Negrito: that’s the French touch!

As you may know, there has been kind of a funny story this year around the book awards, and Christine Angot was kind of expecting to win the Goncourt, but Jonathan Littel kind of poublished a blockbuster, and the Goncourt jury found it wise to board the boat to success at the last second and gave him the Goncourt, which meant for Angot she only won the Prix de Flore, which is a pity as it is supposed to reward the brightest newcomer and she has been hanging around for quite a few years.. Anyhow this is still agitating the little intellectual world in Paris as you can see on the walls.

Is there a conclusion to this story? No, because it’s a never-ending story, the Obeys are all over Paris and if you come there, you’d better check them out, it’s also an excellent way to discover the city far from the tourist corridors. And who knows? Maybe next to your place, in the street, just above that barber shop, yes there is an Obey agent watching over you, so be careful!

Kisses to all

King Negrito

Too drunk to ….

January 27th, 2007

Dear readers,

one day, after the A12G official launch and the Happenodrome party, I told you that we were about to Videoblog, because all the Gritos agreed that this was really a funny idea. It took us quite a while to make this about a now, most probably because the Gritos are not specially gifted with computers, but as we are kind of tenacious little creatures finally and after various teasers, we are very proud to present the first real tentative of videoblogging by the Gritos!

So please, go get a glass of red wine and some peanuts, take a comfortable seat, turn the computer volume up, relax and then… watch our first video: “Too drunk to …”, we really hope you will like it! (by right clicking on the video when playing you can even set it to full screen mode)

Kisses to all !
King Negrito 

I Love Rock N roll , Part 2

January 17th, 2007

Dear readers,

The other day, I was walking in the streets of Le Marais - 3rd district- , as very often, and once again I noticed one of the “Rock’n Roll girls” I already presented in this post a few weeks ago. This one was kind of a mix, with the famous tartan style, so famous during the Grunge times…and the skinny – at that point, slim is not restrictive enough – trousers we can see everywhere in Paris for the last nine months…

Negrito: Alert, Rock N Roll attack!

Alerted by the fact that the girls in le Marais might be attacked somewhere else than at La Perle by this strange infection, I followed her to find the nest, and she drove me to the Roi de Sicile street, a narrow street , parallel to the Rue de Rivoli that I know quite well because there you can find one of the few “underground” addresses in this part of Paris: the “Politburo”, a place where you can listen to very good music if you like dark, cold wave, punk, rock n roll, everything played with guts and guitars, and drink at real cheap prices…

Negrito: usually the Politburo knows all…

Of course the charming bartender – though his strange shoes, check them if you go there – gave me the secret of the nest: he told me that in the street there was one shop where you can find these pants you need oil to get in, and even vintage tee shirts from Ramones, Cramps, or leather jackets that make you look like Joan Jett: a shop named “Noir Kennedy” and that ringed a bell in my head, of course how could I have forgotten that shop where dead rats were hanging in the window!

Negrito: Noir Kennedy, that’s the lair…

I entered the shop and, yes, that was it, dozens of rock boys and girls, pierced, tattooed, looking like they are just out of a rock gig, wow, that was really amazing, and also quite cool. The shop owner was very friendly and explained to me they have now two shops in the street Rue des Rois de Sicile, and even one in Bordeaux! Of course he had nothing my size, but what do you want, I m quite used to it… So I left the shop, and what was not my surprise a few meters ahead when I entered another shop: Moto777, these people who used to be distributed at Noir Kennedy had decided to open a wonderful shop!

King Negrito: wow that dress is amazing!

There I met Farid Merabet who told me that the brand was just three years old, and that with Alexis Robiou and Benedicte Toft Andersen, they had decided it was time to make everybody benefit from their ideas which are pretty simple: based on their Rock and graphical culture (Pop art, …) they create stencils on whatever surface they can think of: Bags, ties, shirts, dress, shoes, etc…. and the result is absolutely great, especially if you think that for a low price you get an unique piece, hand made, they do not reproduce it again!

Then while we were discussing, a tornado entered the shop, a couple of dancers, so fun and so “Paris” that you cannot find something like this anywhere, and we went then for a photo shoot together, and well, that kind of turned me upside down!

Negrito: ahem, could you…please…put me down?

We had real fun, I mean, I went to many fashion shows but was never really on the catwalk myself, so I enjoyed that moment. Of course I cannot guarantee that this will happen if one of my readers goes to this shop, but, what do you want, this is Paris, this is Rue des Rois de Sicile, this is now so …just go there and enjoy it!

Kisses to all
King Negrito

Winter sports

January 7th, 2007

Dear reader,

It’s been quite a long time! I even received some mails wondering where the Gritos were, thanks a lot for that. In fact, to be honest, we were on holidays, and now we are fresh and happy to start the New Year. Last year was quite exhausting, and King Negrito and the Gritos needed a real break, so we went to the French Alps… which are a wonderful place indeed.

Negrito: I am above the clouds!

After quite an entertaining trip (Plane, train, buses, in fact a longer trip than going to Dubai or Moscow) I arrived in Les Arcs 1950, a brand new resort designed by Canadians for French people… and felt like at home immediately. Of course, I went to a nice bar (best place to know what is going on, Phil Marlow trick) and talked to the locals who told me that there was a lot of “powder” and fun to have up there tomorrow morning, so I was so excited that I could not sleep the first night (or maybe was it the 1950 altitude) so I was the first to go up the mountain, to discover that above the clouds there was a wonderful sun shining  But of course, their games are to go down the mountain as fast as you can, so I jumped on the royal snowboard and as fast as I could I went… straight into the cloud, and it was suddenly as being in a fridge: all was shades of grey, it was freezing, the wind was chilling, damned I felt back to Moscow times!

Negrito: dudes are you mad? It’s freezing here!

But a Grito is not without resources and I had heard that in the Hotel they had an heated swimming pool, so even if usually I tend to prefer the pools under the tropics, well I decided to make an exception…and had a big surprise, ok the pool was heated, but it was opened on the outside!

Negrito: break on through? No way!

At that point, I started to wonder if the locals were not completely out of their minds, I mean, going through the wall to swim in the freezing cold , or even worse, in an outdoor Jacuzzi, that was mad…and I went to bed completely exhausted.

The following morning, I saw through the window that the “sea of clouds” had disappeared and I ran up the mountain again, but this time to find another incredible thing: the wind was so strong that it was bringing the snow up the slopes, and that on the top you could not see anything again, plus it was … damn freezing again!

Negrito: I know there’s 800 meters chasm on both sides, but where?

At that point I remembered what the Elves of Santa Claus in Finland had told me to fight this kind of snow storm: you have to build an igloo and hide in it until it’s over, so I started immediately to dig in the snow, but it appeared to be a bit more complicated than I expected, because after five minutes I was a frozen Grito in my hole…

King Negrito: something must be wrong in my igloo heating system

Hopefully the wind went down and the sun came back so I could resume my former activity: going down the slopes as fast as I could on my snowboard, jumping in the air and falling back in the snow, that was really cool…

Negrito: ah, what’s next?

But after a while, I faced another major inconvenience: there was a flat part and that damn snowboard decided to go there and just stop. And as there is no engine I realized I was supposed to push it all the way until finding another slope down, which was exhausting, and given the fact I had a sweater, well I let you imagine how I was after five minutes….and I decided that this was too much, that finally I was not made for winter sports, except the one I am really good at: drinking hot wine on a terrace!

King Negrito: wow that’s a cool place to have a drink!

And then I understood what was all the game made for: make you suffer until you reach the point where a glass oh=f hot wine washes everything and you are ready to start again! Having understood that, the rest of the holidays were just a piece of cake -with cold and pain cookies though- !

The ultimate result? Well all the Gritos are now at 150% of power capacity, jumping and running all over Gritoland, and soon we’ll bring you some new stuff!

Kisses to all

King Negrito