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The real Paris…

July 2nd, 2008

Dear Readers,

It is with the uttermost pleasure that I can share with you an information from the highest importance : the Real Paris is back. First we lost in the Euro game, very important thing. I mean, France and football losses are business as usual, the 1998 World Cup was really an incident. Of course we have the best players in the world, we also have the most intelligent coach, but we loose, that is as normal as the sun rising East. And then, well the fashion shows are back, and it becomes again a fantastic experience just to hang around the catwalks, especially when it come to Galliano gorgeous show or the classy Lagerfeld show at the Grand Palais.

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And of course, at night, you go have dinner at the Marly in the Louvre.

King Negrito: Fire in Cairo? No Sunset in Paris…

The good thing with Costes restaurants is that you never are disappointed. The food is always equal quality, the bill is predictable, the service is just Parisian, the attendance is deliciously just overdressed, and very often the setting is great. What’s better than having a cool diner, on a terrace, under the Arcades of Le Louvre museum? Well maybe just hunting for real Parisians, and finding them on the nearby Pont des Arts.

King Negrito: a sitting mob, ok but what a mob…

In fact there’s not only things happening on the banks of canal Saint martin, or Ile de la Cité, but also on the Pont Des Arts. At night, it is great just to sit there, play guitar, share a glass of Rosé wine and enjoy the sight-seeing. And in fact, it is truly Parisian as even the intellectuals are present, overlooking the festivities from the nearby Académie Francaise and the girls playing with bottles of fresh water…

King Negrito: would things heat up?

Or course, when Paris is back like this, all Gritos are out, scouting the city, looking for nice summer girls and intellectuals, cool places and moments of joy. Because Paris is made of fashion, of people, of light, of fun and of wine, it’s then great fun. And it is also perfectly temporary, as it seems the nice weather is already over.

But the good thing is that I heard there is a major event happening in Brussels next week end, a huge 48 hours party so… see you there?

Kisses to all


Pain de sucre

June 29th, 2008

Dear readers,
Today, lazy bear I am,  so I just wanted to share with you one of my favorite address : « Pain de Sucre » Rue Rambuteau. If you are looking for delicious cakes, if you love original sweets, if you want to enjoy tasteful macarons without having to queue chez Ladurée, well then you should run Rue Rambuteau…

King Negrito : yummy, what to start with ?

Everything there is a must, even the bread, just the bread is nothing like what you can find in standard bakeries. And furthermore, everything is presented in a nice way, which helps. Ok, I agree, this looks like a commercial, to good to be true, but it is indeed fantastic and …they did not even notice I took pictures, so… just give it a try and you’ll tell me… :-)

Kisses to all
King Negrito

Summer girls in Paris, step 2

June 26th, 2008

Dear readers,

As I told you earlier I am on a Quest this summer, to find the best spots in Paris to meet beautiful girls. Of course this is a dangerous task, with a very valued prize at the end. I wanted to thank all the ones who offered me their assistance, I guess that as soon as I will find the perfect spot I will share it, but in the meantime I made some strange encounters…

King Negrito : but he is shooting at me ?

I was really surprised to see that this secret can be so heavily guarded. Of course he is big but I am fast, and he did not catch me. After this I needed a break and went to La Perle to have a drink. I also enjoyed their famous “little miams” which are ok for a Grito, but for a human it is really tiny…

King Negrito : 1 euro the Miam ? quite expensive…

That’s a bit sad, before it used to be free..but things change, even La Perle. From there I came back to Gritoland, near beaubourg, and when crossing the Rue beaubourg…alert ! Russian attacvk!


King Negrito : I do not want to be walked on by these heels…

So for now, in my investigations, the Beaubourg centre looks to be a nice spot… but more to come 

Kisses to all

King Negrito

Come back, baby come back !

June 22nd, 2008

Dear readers,
Sorry, all apologies I have been out from blogging for long because I was travelling intensively. Being the King of Gritoland means that sometimes you have to do official trips. I’ll tell you more about this in the coming days but I could not help sharing with you my happiness of experiencing summer in Paris. OPne of the things I love doing is just hanging around and looking / listening to people. I cannot help it, I am a bit of a stalker ;-) When I went to the public Parks that is Rue de Bretagne, I realized rapidly that the place was full of people, and that it was a great occasion to hang around with your Ikea Bag – strangely hype element this year- and ….sometimes listen obvisouly to others like the girl on the left.

King Negrito : it must be really an interesting story

Not finding any free place, I decided to go down le Maris, quite a cool walk to do though la Rue des Archives, and then I turned right. I was heading for a bar for bears, the “Bears den” hoping to find a nice terrace to have a glass of Rosé and hang around doing nothing, which, given the heat is the best thing to do in Paris at this time, as long as Paris Plage is not opened, point when you’ll be able to hang around doing a structured and organized nothing

Negrito : ok no seat for me at the Bears Den

Well in fact no chance for me to find a sit there, the place was incredibly crowded, even worse than the Metro at 8am – I say this just because people told me, I never go in Le Metro, too many people as well.

I started to be desperate: I thought going back again to a Costes, or Rue Montorgueil, when suddenly I remembered there was a secret place… a secret garden only initiates knew and where you can hang around freely in the flowers

King Negrito : I am the King of my castle

Ok, ok, the ones who send me an email will get this secret address. What I can tel you is that it is in the third disctrict, and one of the secret spots it is fantastic to find by chance. Will you test your chance?

I run have a glass of Rosé, I am so thirsty….
Kisses to all

Girls of summer 08

May 30th, 2008

Dear Readers,

a few days ago, I was sitting on a terrace having my breakfast and reading Le Parisien, as usually parisian people do, when I found a very interesting paper for me, lover of Paris and of beauty: something on “where are the pretty parisian girls? where to see them, where to meet them?“..

King Negrito: finally a real quest for real intellectuals…

Of course the indications given were so mainstream that they are not even worth being repeated here, but since then the question is somewhere around in my head, and I decided that this was going to be my summer 2008 quest: find the pretty girls… and I started by going to the c”afé Beaubourg” to draft my battle plan, and made my first catch of the summer…

King Negrito: “the Beaubourg blonde”, the first “Girls of summer 2008″

But of course, this is just a beginning… so stay tuned, and you’ll know all about the pretty girls in Paris, and probably as well outside Paris as you know what the gritian hunter instinct is: a non stoppable machine!

kisses to all


It’s only Justice…

May 19th, 2008

Dear readers,

this week end, French people - and others- had a radical choice to make between two events. I mean, it is not unusual, but this one was a bit fierce.

The first option was to be in Cannes, and to go to the avant premiere of the new Indiana Jones movie…

justice0.jpg King Negrito: hmmm, that’s a tough choice…

What to say ? cannes, The Festival, the stars, the stairway and the Red Carpet, all that is of course deliciously exciting…. But on the other hand, there was….

justice0.jpg King Negrito: ohoh, there’s a lightshow there…

Yes, there was Justice at l’Olympia… ah the Olympia, the Stones private show, the Aznavour songs, …. so many memories calling you there…

But in fact the choice was pretty easy to make. My PA did not receive any invitation for the Cannes Ouverture, and .. I discovered that the Indy movies goes out Wednesday, which makes the trip to Cannes totally ridiculous ;-) Therefore… you know what I did…

justice1.jpg King Negrito: but what are the two bouncing shadows behind the cross?

And you know what ? I just hope the movie will be better than the gig :-)
Kisses to all